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Partner wont help with our baby

gave birth 5 months ago now and my fiance is not helping me atol. He loses his temper so fast when she cries at night and ends up giving her back to me and storming out of the room. Ever since I had her, i've not once had a full nights sleep unless my mum takes her overnight. I know thats part of parenthood but he should help me? He sleeps everynight and then sleeps in until 12ish every day hes off work. He has never bathed her, very rarely changes or feeds her and every single time i ask for help it turns into a huge arguement. He doesnt clean up atol after himself, and moans all the time that his stuff isnt washed in time but when i left it and told him to do it himself he left it for over two months and started buying new clothes rather than washing them. Im at my witts end. I live him soo much and im trying so hard, but everytime i even tell him im going for a shower its an arguement and i feel like i need to ask to wash myself? He refuses to watch her so i can do things with family and friends but he can do what he wants when he wants. When he does sit with her, hes so good with her but it always takes so much to make it happen and im so drained. Im not sure if im just over reacting as he puts it or if its serious and a bit of postpartum? Please help.

  • Jessica
    Feb 05

    I have no advice from personal experience, but therapy might be the best route if you want to work through it all together. I pray that you find happiness as a family soon 💕

  • HR
    Mar 05

    I agree with Jessica. If he refuses to listen or help, you might need some marriage counseling. If he refuses to go, you need to go and figure out what needs to be done to make a bad situation better. **No one deserves to feel so overwhelmed and alone.** You owe it to yourself and your baby to get help. Whether or not hubby decides to come with... well, the counselor can help you figure out what’s next in regard to that as well, if need be. You deserve help. You deserve to be listened to. You deserve to be happy and to enjoy this period of time. Don’t let hubby or anyone else tell or treat you otherwise.