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Party ideas or places to have a birthday party for two boys?

They are going to be 3 & 4. It’s my cousin’s son and my son, mine is the older one. But their birthdays are just days apart, hers is on the 29th and mine is on the 31st of August so I know it’s going to be hot but I just didn’t know what age appropriate things they could do together, last year we went to a splash pad and they had a blast so I was sure if maybe doing that again or something different. Any and all ideas are welcomed, thank you.

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira
    Jul 14

    Chuck e cheese! I've had 2 of my sons birthdays there! Or even at a house no matter where they will love it.

  • Jennifer
    Jul 19

    Chuck e cheese can get pretty expensive, and even local kids indoor play area. They all cost around $300-$400. I'm doing my daughter bday on 7/27 at our local splash pads. We are having bbq. Foods include, hamburger, chicken wings, chow mein, vegtable skewers (mushroom, bell pepper, and zuchinni), and watermelon, chips and drinks. For birthday cake, it might melt in the heat, so I'm just making homemade cupcakes. I think splash pad is more fun, that way the kids get to play in splash pads, while mom hang out, and the dads chill together. Low cost budget birthday!