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Pedaling tips


My 3.5 year old has been on a balance bike since he was 18 months. He’s real good at it and has been coasting with his legs up for over a year now. He recently asked for a pedal bike so we got him a 12” specialized bike. Only thing is, he can’t seem to pedal! Videos online show kids just hopping on and being able to pedal like second nature, but my son is having a hard time understanding the pedal motion. Any tips would be great

  • T
    Jan 01

    My son had a pedal bike since his 1st birthday. He only learned to pedal this past summer 3.5yrs exactly. The only thing that helped/taught him was watching a slightly older cousin.

  • Teena
    Jan 08

    My daughter didn’t learn how to pedal until she was 4. Every kid is different. I know would work with her and push her feet and she still wouldn’t understand. Until one day when it just clicked for her. It was like walking. Some kids were walking at 9 months, she didn’t walk until 13 months. Each kid does things differently and learns on their own time. I’m sure he’ll get it eventually! It’s just a process. 😊