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Peeing through his diaper

At night my second child pees through his diaper so recently we have tried booster pads for the diaper. But he doesn’t like them. He wakes up in the middle of the night now. We have tried good night diapers and we put a fresh diaper on right before he goes to bed. Is there anything we can do to have him be comfortable and sleep through the night?

  • Diane
    Feb 25

    Can you try going up a size in diapers? Ive also heard of doubling up on a diaper but not sure how comfortable that would be for him if he doesnt like the booster pad.

  • Elizabeth
    Feb 25

    I’m in the same position! I think I will stop giving her water or milk around 630...bed time is 730. Hopefully this works !

  • Erika
    Feb 27

    He is at size six we have been doing ok with double diapers but ty!