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Period double time?!


So I’ve been breastfeeding my little one since she was born and only just got my period 2 weeks ago. I finished last week but then it started AGAIN today. Anyone else go through this?? 😩

  • Sara
    Jan 11

    How old is the baby?

  • Jade
    Jan 11

    It can take awhile before your hormones return to normal and your period becomes regular again while breastfeeding. I’m still breastfeeding and my daughter is almost one year, and my cycle is just starting to return to normal. It was all over the place up until the last two months or so.

  • 2Boys&aDog
    Jan 11

    I am going through this. 6 weeks pp started taking Nora Be mini pill and continued with nursing and never got a period, insurance changed brands to Jolivette back in September and as soon as I started that brand I was having periods nearly every ten days. It was insane. Went on like that for three months until I just finally stopped taking it altogether. Still waiting to return to normal cycles. I am still nursing my 13 month old as well.

  • Crystal
    Jan 12

    oh yeah.. the first period when you've been breastfeeding is brutal! I had mine for like 4 weeks last time I stopped breastfeeding.