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Physically aggressive 2 year old!

i have b/g twins, almost 2, in a month. my son is very pleasant and easy going, has been throwing toys and hitting more recently but can easily be redirected. Will stop after one round of redirection. However, his twin sister is having issues with being physically aggressive to a point where our friends are very hyper vigilant when they bring their small kids around. She bit one of our friend’s baby, tried to pinch her the other day. The more you reprimand her, the worse she gets. We do time outs in her crib, and do as many as we need to get a point across. She’s in her crib maybe 5 minutes tops, it’s never long. What do you all suggest or do with your kids that had/have aggression issues. Her brother isn’t like this, so i know it’s not our schedule or anything. We have them on a consistent eat, play, nap, bedtime routine. It’s frustrating, and depressing because i feel like she is “that” kid ya don’t want your kid around. She even is a bully towards her brother, we are nonstop trying to teach her other ways of handling frustrations - but she is barely 2 and is usually going off when we are trying to engage.

  • PK
    Jul 09, 2019

    Sounds like she might be doing this for attention, even if it’s bad attention. I’ve never tried this yet but I have heard people suggest that when she does hurt someone to give all the attention to the victim. Then address her behavior but be very short about it

  • Andrea
    Jul 09, 2019

    Read No Bad Kids or check out the author, Janet Lansbury, website. She has some great insights into why kids do these things (it's very normal, but of course must be addressed) and how to gently correct it.