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Picky 15 month old! Help!

My lo will only eat snacks... like crackers, puffs and crunchies. She will eat waffles and other bread, potatoes and corn and that's it. Tips? It's driving me bonkers.

  • Aje
    Dec 13, 2018

    My sister made these biscuits that had carrots and sweet potato rosemary and cheddar cheese in them. My son loved it . You can also try zucchini muffins . This way the snacks have something healthy in them and maybe she’ll get used to the taste of them. Also I used to make broccoli and cauliflower “mashed potatoes “ and it got my son eating regular broccoli. Keep offering her the other foods eventually she may get curious and give them a try. That’s what happened with my son. He’ll now at least taste everything offered to him and after tasting things plenty of times he develops a taste for them. We are slowly adding new foods to his previously limited diet every day.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 13, 2018

    Don’t offer the kinds of food you don’t want her to have. Try smoothies, adding some veggies in there. Make a big batch of muffins or pancakes with some sneaked in spinach. Even frozen purées of fruits and veggies. Hopefully that’ll help with taste buds preference and she’ll think she’s still just “snacking”

  • Anonymous
    Dec 14, 2018

    Hate to point out the obvious, but kids eat what they are given. If they’re not given crackers and puffs and crunchies, they won’t eat them. Sure, they’re super appealing and super attractive both to parents and kids, but your child is not capable of purchasing them by herself. Give her the food that you’d prefer she eats, and she will. She’s not going to starve herself.

  • Lulu
    Dec 15, 2018

    Thanks ladies. Guess I've been kinda lazy, time to start cooking for the lo! Lol