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Picky eater!


My son is being extremely difficult! The think thats most shocking is that he now wont eat some food that he once loved! Any advice?! Please help! Lol

  • anonymous mom
    Apr 17

    Same. Just keep offering. My daughter used to eat carrots like they were her everything, but now I’m lucky to get even one carrot into her. Supposedly that’s normal?? She also used to HATE sauerkraut. Her first ever temper tantrum was when she tried sauerkraut and couldn’t get the taste out of her mouth. The other day she ate a massive bowl of kraut and totally dissed her kielbasa, which was one of her favorites (yep, we’re polish, ha!).

  • anonymous mom
    Apr 17

    Ps, my daughter is 20 months.

  • Kristen
    Apr 18

    Try the Tiny Tastes program. I believe they even have an app now. It is an incentive-based program to get kids to try new things in a structured way, instead of just offering over and over.

  • Cryzana
    May 01

    My future stepson is exactly like that! My boys will eat ANYTHING. I just simply insist that he eats everything on his plate. I let him know that it's ok to tell me if he doesn't like something - but he will eat all of it. Next time I keep in consideration that he dislikes something and will purposely make his favorite the next day.