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Pincer grasp

Hello! My son is having trouble with his pincer grasp. He is 10 months and my doctor said he should have already started picking things up by 9 months. Does anyone have any advice on how to develop it? Also what age did yours develop theirs? Thank you all!

  • Jessica
    Jun 07, 2018

    Check out Early Intervention. They work with babies and children 0-3 years old and often it’s a free service. They can work directly with your child and also give you activities to do with him.

  • Dana
    Jun 07, 2018

    I’d try to have his start to grasp it from my hand and when he connects try pulling away with the item to see if he will keep ahold of it. I’ve never tried this but I would. Lol it’s worth a shot. Otherwise the internet and Pinterest is great for coming up with activities to help.

  • E
    Jun 07, 2018

    Try finger foods.

  • Mae
    Jun 08, 2018

    My daughter got good with hers at 8 months. Cheerios (regular flavor) are a good food to practice with! Cut up fruit helps them get really good at it because it is slippery, but don’t start with that. We also get organic mixed vegetables from Trader Joe’s and she loves to pick each piece up individually to eat it, and I think the colors are fun for her.