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Plane trip with 18mo


Any advice to make it enjoyable? lol Toys entertainment that aren't huge objects?! We are going to Orlando FL which is a 21/2 hr flight. Also, has anyone taken spirit airlines? I'm super nervous about flying. My parents bought the tickets and i appreciate/ grateful for it but people say this airline in particular isnt good. I'm pretty sure the only airline I've ever usedn in the past is JetBlue. Thanks!

  • Diane
    Mar 05

    I just did the same flight with my then 17 month old last month! I brought lots of snacks, window clings, stickers, melissa and doug water wow books, ipad loaded with a few shows. Make sure everything is new so it keeps your child’s attention. I decided to buy my daughter a seat since it was her first flight and I was nervous about not having a whole row to ourselves, was totally worth it. She had her own seat and mostly stood on the floor between my husband and I playing with toys on the seat.

  • Laura
    Mar 05

    2.5 hours shouldn't be too bad. We started buying our kid a seat around that age for cross-country flights. Snacks and screens and extra clothes in case there are spills, etc. Pacifiers if they still use them, and bottles. Be prepared to pay extra for carry-ons or having to gate check them, so bring a backpack with all the things you'll need while on the airplane.

  • CJN
    Mar 05

    Thank you ladies!

  • Shelby
    Mar 05

    What is your child into? Pinterest has lots of good ideas, but I loaded the iPad with his fav shows- he’s really into tv 🤷🏼‍♀️ and snacks, some little trucks. Make sure to bring a lollipop or pacifier for take off and landing, and good luck!

  • B
    Mar 05

    Lots of snacks, a water bottle (fill after security). We like the Melissa and Doug reusable stickers (I cut the pages smaller), those thicker foam stickers, crayons, water wow books, other books with flaps to open.

  • A
    Mar 05

    Pick your seats ahead if you haven't already. Spirit default doesn't assign seats together for families even. Kid food and drinks are allowed through security. Baggage is also very restricted on spirit. Make sure you check ahead with what is allowed for your tickets.

  • Mama
    Mar 05

    You could go to the dollar store or five below. Buy a couple little toys, wrap them and give them to her every 30-60 mins depending on attention needed.

  • Katie
    Mar 06

    My son flies a lot. The best tips I have gotten are: 1) If your kid is old enough, bring lots of suckers for take off and landing - it is a nice treat and it helps the ear air pressure issue. My son at 2.5 now expects his sucker at takeoff and landing BUT has never had an issue with either. 2) Screen time is ok when flying even if you are otherwise screen-free. This is about keeping your kid calm and happy in an enclosed space with a bunch of strangers. 3) The comment further up makes an important point - make sure you are seated with your kid ahead of time. Sometimes you need to call to confirm even if you think you have it nailed down. I have had higher price airlines try to seat us so my then 1.5 year old was in the same row across the aisle from me. The staff said I had to work it out with the people in the row and would bot intervene. I was LIVID. 4) We all have that friend who posts about how much they hate flying near children on social media. The vast majority of people are not that person. They have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, and they get it. I have been shocked, and pleasantly surprised by the warmth and understanding I have received from strangers while traveling with my son. My favorite was the middle aged business man who had a full conversation with my son about unicorns. Most people, unless they are hopelessly curmudgeonly will empathize with you and even try to help.

  • Kelly
    Mar 06

    Snacks......seriously....... snacks are amazing. 2 1/2 hours is a quick enough flight that people watching and snacks is probably all you need. I’m personally in the “take ONLY what you must have” camp as I hate lugging extra stuff that I don’t need. We did (2) 6 1/2 hour flights at 18 months and it honestly wasn’t bad. Good luck and have fun. :)

  • Jess
    Mar 07

    Spirit sucks, it’s true but it should be fine for a short flight. Just loads of snacks, books (if she/he likes them, and a comfort item, maybe a favorite blanket. For our last flight I bought a toy that had six different buckles (amazon) and he was fascinated. I only took it out on the plane each way so it was still a novelty. It made a huge difference.

  • Diana
    Mar 09

    In addition to everyone else’s suggestions, add decorative/fidget like keychains to your bag. My child played with/looked at the few keychains I put on her bag much longer than I would have ever imagined!

  • Anonymous
    Mar 18

    Agree with above suggestions, but also want to add flights to Orlando are typically filled with kids or at least passengers who expect to be on a flight with kids. I’ve found that the expectation of other passengers helped alleviate my anxiety of being “that person who brought a baby on a plane.” When I flew with my then 18month old the other passengers were so kind. Many grandmothers and mothers of older kids who were happy to lend a hand or make a silly face or dismiss kicking against their seat back as no big deal. Good luck 🍀