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Please help with choosing Christmas gifts for friends and their kids!


We are celebrating our first Christmas in the US, so please help me with choosing Christmas gifts for our new friends here. Most of them are families with toddler kids. Do I need to give presents to each family member separately or just gifts for kids? What is usually given - store gift cards, toys, or what? What value should they be? Thanks!

  • Amanda
    Dec 01, 2018

    How close are you to these friends? When I had a lot of friends nearby before we moved, I would get my super really good girlfriends a few small gifts totaling around $30 each (this year, some French chocolate and pretty travel makeup bags for 1 friend). For less close girlfriends, a cute pair of earrings, something small $5 or so. Nothing for the men. But if the really close girlfriends had kids, something no more than $10 each kid - the dollar section at Target is awesome for this.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 01, 2018

    Are you actually have a party and celebrating with them? Otherwise I’m not sure you need to give gifts...of it were me, I’d talk to the friends and ask if you are giving gifts for kids or not. In the past we’ve done a secret Santa with the kids, or a book exchange