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POLL- pregnancy with toddler or newborn and toddler


What do people feel is harder: Exhausted, bloated from pregnancy with a toddler OR Toddler and Newborn? Which is the less of 2 evils :-p

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Feb 28

    Hands down pregnancy with toddler. I currently have a 4,2.5, and 1 yr old and am pregnant. My energy is so low, which means my patient is low. I hate that. I always feel like when the baby comes out of me, literally that moment I get my energy back. :)

  • Christa
    Feb 28

    Defiantly pregnancy with a toddler- it’s soooo much work, you don’t really get to sit and enjoy the pregnancy like you did with the first!

  • Lily
    Mar 01

    Being pregnant is way harder!

  • Ivy
    Mar 01

    Being pregnant with a toddler has consistently been harder... I’m sure it depends on the toddler too, but it’s definitely been the more difficult case for me each time.

  • Ashly
    Mar 01

    Newborn with toddler

  • E
    Mar 01

    Pregnancy with toddler. I currently have a newborn and a 17mo. The only time it’s hard with a newborn and toddler is when they’re both crying at the same time.

  • Lynn
    Mar 02

    Baby and toddler hands down.

  • Jenn
    Mar 03

    Currently living this life-toddler and newborn

  • Rumilia
    Mar 07

    Harder: toddler and newborn for sure! And toddler is the harder one

  • Anonymous
    Mar 21

    I'm a SAHM, still pregnant with a toddler, and that is going fine. I am fearful of when the baby's popped out. Then I'll be juggling a toddler AND infant! I should remind the hubby that HE'S in charge of grocery shopping from now on!

  • Lynn
    Mar 21

    When the baby first comes, your husband isn’t only in charge of groceries, he should be in charge of the toddler too. Everything because you’ll be busy eith the baby and recoverying.