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Poop anywhere but the potty!


So my 2.4 year old has been ‘ready’ for potty training for a while, and took to peeing in the potty pretty much at her own initiative, and is doing great. However, pooping is a challenge: She mostly poops in her sleep, and I still have her in diapers at night and not started potty training her at night yet. Partly because she poops at night! She’s pooped in the bath once, and was pretty surprised. I was kind of relieved, as it was the first time she poops outside her diaper. We hadn’t started potty training yet. She pooped on the floor, but that was on the first day of trying our potty training, so wasn’t used to not having her diaper. My worry is what happened today: This evening, she ran around saying she needs to poop and saying she’s in pain in her bum- i was really worried but luckily stayed calm- I tried to sit her on the potty, on the potty seat on the toilet, encouraged her to squat or poop as she’s standing, even asked if she would like to poop in the bath..! She just wanted to be carried, so I carried her, massaging her stomach and rubbing her back as I walked around -big mistake- plop, plop, plop came some three pieces of smelly poop onto the floor, on her legs and my feet... the poop wasn’t hard, so I’m not sure why she was saying she’s in pain... Anyone have any similar experiences with poop? Any thoughts? How can I help her help herself?

  • Aje
    Feb 09, 2019

    The first week potty training my son he held poop in then when he pooped it was uncomfortable and then he was afraid to poop on potty because he associated that discomfort with the potty. I gave him fruit smoothie to help his digestive system keep moving for a few days so he could easily go to the bathroom. I knew he had to go so I put him on the potty he tried to get up and cried mommy. I wrapped my arms around him and told him it was ok then i asked if he wanted to high 5 Elmo. It distracted him until he pooped and we celebrated. I used that same method the next few times and he soon learned the potty doesn’t make poop hurt. After that he stopped having accidents and he never poops in his diaper. Sometimes if his poo hurts he calls for me to sit with him. I don’t think it has to be hard poop to hurt sometimes there’s gas in the belly and before you go your stomach hurts a little .

  • Anonymous
    Feb 09, 2019

    Thank you Aje that’s very helpful. And what a lovely and caring sounding mom you are- well done!- I’ll offer a smoothie or equivalent to get things going. Well done for your little brave man too!