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Potential ADHD in 3.8 yr old girl

So I’m worried after my preschooler’s parent teacher conference. They said she resists fine motor and greatly struggles with writing her name. They said she often needs redirection in class, has physical boundary issues with met classmates, putting a foot on a kid gently in circle time and tuning out completely when not interested. Then in roof play she follows along initially with play but when game stops she often continues by herself absorbed in her own play. I strongly fear she has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder given our family history and how she generally is. Teachers didn’t comment when I brought it up but I think it’s very possible.

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    Mar 20, 2019

    I am an elementary teacher and have a sweet (most of the time) 4 year old boy in a pre-k 3 program. He began the school year with an IEP from the district bc he was in Early Intervention for his speech delay. We could have been in the exact same meeting!!! My son turned 4 in February, so they are pretty close in age. It was like I was hit over the head. If he was displaying these behaviors why wasn’t I contacted in like September or even October?? His teacher even brought up possibly getting him additional help in the class. What?? Now, I truly believe early intervention is vital, but I also know my son. So, I started the evaluation at home first. Does he check the boxes for ADD or ADHD? Can his school behaviors be guided and corrected? I started with conversations with him and letting him know that going forward I would be working with his teacher. He honestly didn’t “get” the home school connection until that point. Then we created a “Success Chart” that targeted 3 simple goals that he will try to meet everyday. The teacher assistant checks it off each day and writes a couple of sentences in summary. We created with visual pictures he can clearly identify. It has made a world of difference!! Down the road we may consider looking into an evaluation further, but for right now we are giving him time to mature and learn social behaviors in his own time with our guidance. That’s what pre-k is, they need the space and time to develop social awareness. You should do what’s best for your situation, but a lot of the behaviors seem age appropriate and others can be corrected with positive guidance. I am sure she is an amazing g little girl!.