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Potty problems

My son is 2 years & 8 moths old. He’s 3 in December and FREAKS when I mention the potty. I don’t pressure him to try just ask him if he wants to. Helllllllppppp.

  • Anonymous
    Aug 12

    In my opinion, no toddler is just going to say yes when you ask if they WANT to do something uncomfortable. He's used a diaper for nearly 3 years, it's the only way he knows, and it's his comfort zone. There are plenty of methods to train, so you need to figure out which way you want to do it. Oh CRAP potty training has worked for a lot of people- it's not about pressuring, but it does take the diaper option away

  • PK
    Aug 13

    Read oh crap potty training. I don’t believe that her method works for everyone (it didn’t work completely for us). But t was a great starting point and it got us on the right track. My son never wants to go potty even when he’s doing his pee pee dance 🙄. I just make him go. I tell him he can either walk himself or I will grab him. He likes his independence so he will always go once I say that.

  • Q
    Aug 14

    I agree with PK. i had no trouble potty training my son but her method is a method i constantly use on my son. Either he do it or i will do it for him, he likes to do things himself turnn off the tv, lights etc.

  • Be

    Yeah we are working on our son too. We take him ever hour and hour half to try. Gets a sticker for trying and sugar free sucker for going potty. He is now going when we ask and he dose not need the bribe ...he just wants to be like daddy