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Potty training.

So my son is three. We been potty training off and on since 2. Recently he has taken a liking to using the potty, and likes to stand and go. I’m glad. But he has his days where he will go every hour for me and then the next day he will only go once or twice. Any suggestions? I want him fully trained so I can put him in the day care by my home.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 01

    Is he in underwear, or diaper? The only way he's going to stay consistent is if you do, so you need to ditch the diaper! You should look up the Book Oh Crap Potty Training, you wouldn't even need to do the whole method but it has ways to stay on track, and how to empower him to do it on his own.

  • Ashley
    Mar 01

    We do use pull ups yet. I want to use underwear but my husband don’t agree

  • Anonymous
    Mar 02

    You must get on the same page with your husband. Giving mixed messages is going to confuse the kid and prolong the process. Does your husband want to keep changing diapers? Does he think your son isn’t ready? Kids don’t just decide to potty train unless they have a positive role model or a parent that tells them “ we’re done with diapers”

  • Tiana
    Mar 02

    Get the book oh crap potty training. Pull-ups are glorified diapers. They’re easy to pee in, and theres no consequences. It’s not uncomfortable. I don’t know a single kid who potty trained quickly in pull-ups. Putting your kid in undies will be messy, but it’s a necessary evil. They will fail just as they failed when they leaned to walk, but you never said, “ he fell down, let’s stop expecting him to walk” you held his hand, and helped him up when he stumbled.

  • Kerry
    Mar 04

    I totally agree with the above posters. Also @3 kids dont always want to stop playing to pee. You can try a timer for an hr or what ever amount of time, tell you son when it goes off its potty time and you can come right back to your toy (or whatever he was doing) undies are the best way to go, yes he will have accidents but he will learn quickly that he doesn’t like the wet feeling. I had nannied a boy (he was 3) who got confused cause me and his mum used undies but his dad used his pull ups. One day we were in the car going to kids activity and the child said i need to pee, can i pee in these. I told his mum he was getting confused and she put a stop to the pull ups. Sometimes he would pee while playing so i set a timer and told him it was pee time. I didn’t ask him do you need to pee, I said he had to atleast try.

  • Hannah
    Mar 15

    Don’t go back and forth with potty training, it is very confusing for toddlers. Definitely make a plan that you and your husband agree on and stay consistant, you both have to be on the same page and that goes for anyone else involved in caring for him! I read “Potty Training in Three Days” and it worked! The book says to ditch the diapers WITH your kid so that they understand that diapers are no longer an option. Me and my daughter went around collecting all of her diapers and “threw them away” and it was actually fun and we made it seem like a very exciting thing to do (the diapers were actually just put into a clean trash bag and were donated haha), but you get the point. Yes there will be accidents (honestly kids bladders are small and one pee isn’t that much) but having accidents is inevitable and just unfortunately one of the things that comes with having a kid😩 but that is also literally how you train them!👌🏼 Catching them mid-accident is PRIME TIME for teaching! You will give him new cool panties with a print of something that he likes on them and tell him that “these are your big boy panties so that you can be like mommy and daddy! Isn’t that exciting!? So now you need to keep these dry and poop and pee in the toilet like mommy and daddy do.” No pants and only panties those first three days, no tv or highly distracting things, keep your eyes on him as much as possible (accidents happen fast), learn his potty cues, give him frequent bathroom reminders/reminding him to keep panties dry, don’t take no for an answer because pooping and peeing in our panties isn’t an option and you need to be PUSHING LIQUIDS all day until an hour or two before bed time! The more they have to pee the more opportunity you will have to teach! And when an accident does happen (which it will) you pick him up as fast as you can and run him to the bathroom while saying “uh oh! pee goes in the potty not in our panties!” Keeping positive and not showing frustration is super important too, or else they will associated the bathroom with those feeling and that’s never good. For positive example: “uh oh! See how your panties are all wet now? Mickey Mouse Doesn’t like to get peed on, that’s icky. So next time we need to do our best to keep our panties dry and pee in the toilet not our panties.” Always thank them for sitting on the potty and trying and that you still love them. Also... pull ups are a big no no and children can’t even tell the difference between a pull up and a diaper... they literally feel the same. However you may need them for naps and bed time until his bladder is fully developed and trained to hold pee. They have little to no control over accidents while they are sleeping and that just comes differently with each kid and where their body is in development. That being said.... as little wear time in a pull up as possible, so only put it on right before they go to sleep and take it off right after they wake up. Extra tips: • Use the actual toilet with a potty training seat on it, not One of those little special toilets otherwise that’s a whole other issue to try and get rid of down the road (and it’s just more mess for you to clean.)😷 •Tell him it’s time to go potty, don’t ask him if he needs to... unless you are just asking if his panties are still dry. •Have him go before and after meals, sleep and travel. •Get him a stepping stool. •Exciting drinks to encourage fluid intake. •Sticker chart helped us! • Stay positive! Good luck and stay strong! Hope this helps!