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Potty training

We recently got my son his own little potty to start training him . We also got the book and stickers for when he goes . At first he was really excited and used it right away and continued to use it for the first 2 weeks . But now he won’t even attempt to use it he will just say going potty and go in his pull ups . When he would go in the beginning we would make a big deal out of it and tell him how proud we are and he got to put a sticker up on the fridge but nothing seems to make him want to use it anymore . Any advice ?

  • Dad
    Jul 18

    Our son went through nearly the same issue. Just like yours, he got into it at first, then was just “meh”. We started to put him on the potty every hour religiously. And we actually stopped using pull-ups and started using underwear. So the accidents weren’t so easy for him to ignore. It made him not want to have an accident. (No, it’s not convenient for us parents either. But we were hitting a brick wall too). Accidents still happened, but it slowly got better. Then one day he just started saying those magic words, “I have to go potty”. Accidents still happen on the rare occasion. And, we still use a diaper at night for now. But we’re working on that too. We also use the “you get a star every time you’re dry” in the morning system. And he gets a prize when he gets enough stars. I don’t really know how effective the star thing is, but we wanted to stay consistent. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 18

    He is just resisting because he has figured out he has all the power in this, and the pull up IS a diaper. So why should he stop playing, go to the potty take his pants off, pee, pull his pants up, wash his hands... when voila! He can Pee in the diaper and go on with his day! Take the diapers away, give him underwear, or go commando, he will learn real quick that it's not the same. Don't ask him if he has to go, tell him when it's time to go. He has proven he gets what to do, he has shown you he can. As far as night and nap go if you don't think he can hold it, or not ready to train that part then put him in a pull up right before it's time to lay down and tell him it's his "night time" underwear, and only for sleep. Then when he wakes up take him to the toilet immediately. Even if you didn't use the Oh Crap Potty Training method she has a blog with a lot of tips for when things stall. ( Which is totally normal toddler behavior, they are so stubborn!!)

  • Erin
    Jul 19

    Thank you both for your advice !

  • Vonda
    Jul 25

    I’d get rid of the pull ups. He probably thinks it’s just another diaper and uses them.