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Potty training..

My almost 3 year old is almost fully potty trained, but he won’t pee standing up, would it be necessary to get him a potty train urinal for boys? Or will he eventually learn, Once he’s older?

  • PK
    Jul 12

    No experience... my husband has mentioned that his friend who has two boys trained the oldest to stand and the youngest to sit. Youngest is 4 and still sitting. Oldest is 6 and makes a big mess. I think they’ll eventually learn. In the meantime, enjoy the lack of pee splatter

  • Anonymous
    Jul 12

    Mine is 3, he pees outside and swings it around everywhere. I don't encourage him to stand inside because I don't need the mess. I wouldn't worry about it, but maybe encourage it now in public, because eww.

  • Dam
    Jul 13

    He will learn. Mine was the same way. He started standing more when he saw the boys in his class stand. I’ve never done it but some parents put a cheerio or similar “target” in the toilet for the boys to aim at.

  • anonymous mom
    Jul 15

    Agree w/ anon, I was 12 when my little brother potty trained and I’m still grossed out by the mess. I would start by letting him pee outdoors while standing and hold off on the inside part of possible. Ha.