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Potty training

My son turns 3 tomorrow and we’re still working on the potty training. Been doing the 30 minutes going to the potty thing, but he still won’t tell me that he had to go. Any suggestions?

  • T
    Dec 07, 2018

    Slow n steady boys apparently take longer. With a lot not being ready until 3.5yrs.

  • Tiana
    Dec 07, 2018

    If he’s still in diapers or pull-ups ( basically a diaper with a different marketing spin) that’s the issue. Take the diapers away and he’ll be trained in a week. Let him go naked from the waist down and see the pee come out. After a few accidents, both he and you will pick up on his cues of when it’s about to come, and finally the all important “i’m going to make it come, on the toilet, and hold it until I get there” If he has accidents, don’t get mad, but tell him that he has to help clean up. After a short while, all the pieces will come together and you’ll start seeing major progress. Don’t keep going back and forth. Decide when you’re starting and do it. Don’t do the whole, we’ll try after meals and in the morning. If you put him back in diapers, you’re telling him that you don’t trust him to not wet his pants. While he still may wet his pants occasionally, being give the chance to try and fail is a far better learning opportunity than being given the diaper crutch.

  • Julie
    Dec 07, 2018

    My daughter was a little over 3 when she was finally trained... I bought her the toilet seat with step and handles from Amazon and put her in daycare because I wanted her to be ready and get an idea of how pre k would be she watched the other kids going to the bathroom on their own so she started using her seat saying she was a big girl and that did it she never wet the bed and was only in daycare for about a month

  • Ashley
    Dec 07, 2018

    I read the potty training in 3 days book. It says to reward them when they go potty on the potty, with something like m&ms.

  • Ángel
    Dec 07, 2018

    Boys are definitely harder. I tried a lot of things with my son. Even rewards. But one day he saw my nephew go pee. And that was all he needed

  • Kayla
    Dec 07, 2018

    We did the whole potty chart thing and he was also rewarded certain candies based on what he did. It worked wonderfully.

  • Emi
    Dec 07, 2018

    My boy didn’t potty train until almost 3.5, maybe a few months later. Our pediatrician kept saying not to push him at all because it can make things worse, but I felt deflated and had anxiety because so many of our friends’ kids were potty trained much earlier. One day, he just decided to do it on his own- we never did books or programs or pull ups, we just let him decide he wanted to use the toilet and wear big boys and he let us know! Honestly it was so much easier to let him lead us than for us to force him!

  • Samuel
    Dec 07, 2018

    My son was about 2 1/2 y/o and he was almost potty trained. He spent the summer with grandparents and all the hard work was gone... He came back with diapers and so. It take a lot of patients and effort from parents. My advise. -take diapers or pull ups away -have them go potty as often as possible -have them go potty right after waking up, eating, getting or coming back from a place. -make it fun, have lollipops or a potty chart to motivate them. -be persistent and consistent It took more than a month to get our son back in line and three month in total, but he is fully potty trained. It’s about your commitment!

  • Vanessa
    Dec 08, 2018

    My son finally was motivated to learn when he couldn’t go to his 3-5 class at church till he was trained. Maybe an incentive will help

  • Maddy
    Dec 24, 2018

    I did the same with my 3.5 yo son. Candy, toys, new undies, perks ,posters, stickers and name it...nothing is helping fully. He decides one day he wants only pull ups and when I hid them it was defcon 5 and still needed them at night so there's that. But I did the sit in wet clothes till you get it, the naked at home and potty every 30mins etc. If he had an accident he'd help clean up and even help with laundry. But scream if I try to even get him to sit on the potty and try so he doesn't have an accident. I let him tell me he has to go , then he says nothing till its "oh no I'm sorry, yuck" then he disrobes and we clean up till the cycle starts again. Unbearably so, I might add how much cleaning up of accidents must a mom do before they get it ? Cuz this is seriously stressing me emotionally and physically. Scrubbing your carpets, laundry etc. Over and over again is back breaking lmao seriously tho.....helpppp 😫