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Potty Training ?!

My son is almost 15 months old. I don’t think he’s ready to start potty training quite yet but he might be interested. He always follows me to the bathroom when “mommy has to peepee”. Honestly I might just be nervous because he’s my first and I am clueless. I have no idea where to start! 1. how do I introduce the idea of potty training to him? 2. is it too early to start training boys at this age? 3. what are the first steps to training a boy?! 4. any recommended/suggested potty gear?

  • Anonymous
    Mar 20

    I’d say that’s pretty early- especially for a boy. I also wouldn’t take him following you to the bathroom as a sign that he’s ready. He probably just wants to be with his mama every second! First signs look more like him telling you when he’s wet/dirtied his diaper or is asking to be changed. In my opinion, I wouldn’t even be thinking about it right now! Most kids don’t potty train until 2-3 and boys are typically on the later side. You have plenty of time to read up on some techniques

  • Amanda
    Mar 20

    I'd read the book Oh Crap Potty training then make the call. I know kids who potty trained at that age. I waited til my son was 2 cause I was pregnant and due shortly after his bday so we started in January. It's your call if you think he is capable. The book comes with some cliff notes about each chapter at the end. I added them for you to skim to see if the book if your cup of tea hopefully they upload in order. If not they are labeled

  • Mandy
    Mar 20

    @amanda thanks for the book reference! i’ll definitely check it out. I don’t think he’s ready yet I just want to make sure i’m prepared for when we start. we’ll probably start when he’s around two.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Mar 20

    So I have to say I think it’s pretty sexist that we have decided age of potty training is related to gender. But that’s off topic, I’ve trained my two sons at ages 20 months, and 18 months. Everything I’ve read says to wait until 18 regardless of gender because of their intellectual understanding and physical capabilities. I would wait, as I have a 15 month old now and she, although she follows us into the potty and is very curious, doesn’t really have the awareness or listening skills to not just grab what’s in the little potty. I think she will soon, so I will wait until 18 months. I do think a lot of this is a combination of child and parent readiness and for parents - patience. I really recommend not bringing gender into it though. We are essentially giving boys a pass to learn a skill later than girls, because of their gender. I know there is some research out there that correlates this, but I argue that 1) we are all trained to approach them differently which creates this gap 2) boys do have an extra task to control and aim, girls don’t. Beyond that, controlling and aiming adds an entertaining value to peeing that any toddler would be fascinated with. Hope this helps! Good luck!! :)

  • Anna
    Mar 20

    I just want to offer a bit of different wisdom...I tried the “Oh Crap” book/method with my 20 month old (at the time), motivated by the idea that it is a socially learned behavior, as she states in the book. In retrospect, I do wish I would’ve waited for signs of ‘readiness’. Everyone told me that my kid was smart, so she would get it in no time. I became frustrated when she went a few times here and there in the potty, yet still had 3-5 daily accidents even after following the method to a T. I also was pregnant, and she went through a horrible sleep regression period. After having such a terrible experience, we went back to diapers. I felt like a failure and was really legit depressed about it for a while. Eventually, at about 2.5, she started wanting to go on the potty more. My husband took a weekend off and, using the bribery method which I was originally super against, managed to train her in a matter of days. She doesn’t ask for a treat every time she uses the potty now (only every once in a while) and she rarely has accidents (knock wood). I really think, like many things, it took time for her to mature and for her little muscles to strengthen. I say if you want to give it a try, go for it, but be easygoing about it. Know that if you try for a while (a good, sincere try) and it doesn’t work, you aren’t a failure and neither is your kid. Also, figure out what motivates your kid, and try to use that to your advantage. Don’t worry! It will happen. 😜