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Potty training a toddler


How long did it take for you to potty train your toddler during day time? What method did you use?

  • Sanna
    Jun 18

    Im still in the process but what i do is leaving my LO diaper free at home and use pull ups outside (she refuses any unfamiliar bathrooms). Before you start I suggest reading oh crap potty training.. good luck

  • Laura
    Jun 18

    Emily Oster's new book Cribsheet has a great chart showing the average amount of time it takes to potty train, depending on when you start. At earlier ages, potty training takes longer to stick. But you don't want to wait too long to start. We started at 28 months and 2 months in she's pretty much trained during the day (with lots of reminders, and we're still working on getting her comfortable telling the teachers she has to go at school). Definitely recommend Oh Crap Potty Training

  • JEaton
    Jun 20

    I also used the "oh crap" method with success. I definitely recommend reading it before you start - preparedness on your part will help ensure success for your LO. I started my son at 23 months. I had my son naked at home for 3 days, commando for 3 weeks, then went to underwear. I was lucky and never had to night train and he started dry through all his naps. 3 months later and he's only had a handful of accidents - pee only because he's been too distracted playing to bother going to the bathroom. Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    Jun 20

    Thank you all! I read Oh Crap book about a year ago and just recently started potty training. We’re finishing up the 2nd week