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Potty training an 18 month old girl

My LO seems to be on the road to potty training. She tells me when she has poops and can seem to hold her pee (she almost never pees during nap). I was just looking to hear your stories regarding trying to potty train at this age. To me it seems a little young, but I am 3 months pregnant so the thought of only changing 1 set of diapers is appealing.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 23

    I think it’s totally doable! Might take a little longer with a younger one, but I’d give it a shot. If you’ve read oh crap method, she has a whole section about littler kids training also about what she calls a “reset” if it seems little kids just aren’t ready! It sounds like she’s capable to me from your post.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Nov 23

    Do it. I have 4 kids, 17-21 months apart each. Best thing I ever did was potty train them before the next one arrived.

  • anonymous mom
    Nov 24

    My daughter was the same age when she started to show genuine interest. She’s been fully trained since she was about 20 months, she only wears diapers at night and now she’s starting to wake herself up when she has to go at night too. She’s 2 years 3 months and started training at 18 months and it was pretty much all done by 20. Good luck!!

  • Jennifer
    Dec 01

    Our 18 mo just did a modified Oh Crap over Thanksgiving and is doing really well. She had similar signs—multiple dry diapers in a row, VERY interested in us going potty, and even mimicking wiping/fighting to wipe herself during diaper changes. I’m due with our second in Feb, so I’m glad she seemed to “get” it...I’m hoping she’ll be almost 100% by the time #2 comes so we only have regression rather than trying to start from scratch and handle a newborn. Right now our only two issues are that she doesn’t SAY she needs to potty (she’s verbal and signs, but hasn’t used pee/poop/potty)...she just walks herself over to the bathroom. She also is having trouble pushing down her pants and undies, even when we use loose sweat-pants style pants (vs the GD leggings girls’ pants seem to come exclusively cut in). It doesn’t hurt to try, and if you’re doing Oh Crap! method there’s even a chapter about doing a reset/starting over if your little doesn’t seem to be catching on. Good luck!