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Potty training at naptime/bedtime

I have a 3 1/2-year-old and she has been going without diapers during the day time no problem for months, but we have been putting diapers on her for naptime and bedtime. I was recently talking to a mom about how to get rid of the diapers completely and she said that you just have to start taking the diapers away and they will wet the bed a few times and then they will learn. So we started doing this at naptime to see how she would do. I think she has only been dry one time and then the other seven or eight times she wakes up wet. I always have her sit on the potty before naptime and try to Cut off fluids an hour before naptime as well. This it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m conflicted about what to do. I don’t really mind continuing to put her in diapers and I don’t want to push her before she’s ready. Sometime she feels embarrassed after she’s wet the bed as well so I don’t want it to be something that causes her to feel bad. What are your thoughts? Should I just keep trying naptime without diapers? Or start putting them back on again and try again in a couple months?

  • Lindsey
    Jun 25

    I’m actually in the same situation with my 3 1/2. I asked my SIL what she did and each time my niece asked for water she would give her less and less each time until it would be 1 sip only in a cup. I started doing this my son has been less wet and almost dry at overnight. He’s been hard about it because he wants water before sleep. So it was a transition. And also I think at this age, their kidneys aren’t always large enough to make it overnight so small steps like the 1 sips at a time is sort of training them.

  • PK
    Jun 25

    I read somewhere that they just don’t have the muscles developed at that age to hold their bladder all night long. So if you want to get rid of diapers completely, you’ll need to wake up 1-2 times at night to take them to the bathroom and then put them back to sleep. When I asked my MIL about it she agreed and said that you won’t have effective night training until they turn 5. They’ll still wet the bed then on occasion but their bodies are actually able to hold it in by then. We are currently still using diapers for naps and bedtime. Sleep is too precious for us at this time. And I just feel weird denying my son a drink if he is thirsty.. so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Anonymous
    Jun 26

    I would talk to your doctor about it if you are concerned. I think it can be pretty normal for that age to wet the bed at night, but I may focus on trying to stop the nap time accidents. If they go before they lay down for nap they should be able to hold it for an hour or more. I'm not sure I fully believe what PK said because mine started staying dry through most nights at 15 months with no encouragement, training or water restrictions. And when we potty trained he decided when he didn't want to wear the pull ups to bed anymore. But I also don't believe this is typical, or the norm for most kids, just one perspective. Also if they are feeling embarrassed when they have accidents I might back off because it could just lead to more accidents 🤷

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jun 26

    So my first child (I potty train daytime earlier around 1.5 yrs) figured out how to hold it at night before he turned two. I put him in a diaper each night but it just clicked for him. My second is 3 and we’ve decided to do night training. Which for us means letting him continue to drink what his body needs during the day, encouraging him to pee or once twice during bedtime routine, and then putting puppy training pads under him at night and letting him sort it out. When he pees at night we just remind him to get up and use the little potty (we keep it just outside his bedroom door and his door stays open), and change him and go back to bed. No big deal. Our goal isn’t to make ourselves upset or him upset, just simply to provide opportunity for a little discomfort and thought about it by removing the diaper. I never had to train child 1, so I don’t know if this will work, but I feel like it’s better than nothing, especially as he’s been daytime trained for over a year.

  • Meagan
    Jun 26

    At that age they do not have the muscle control yet! I wait until they wake up dry from naps/bedtime completely dry on a consistent basis before taking away diapers. In the end it does not hurt them to wear them when sleeping. Their bodies just aren’t ready. It’s not worth stressing over when and how much they drink just to try and force it. It’s stressful on you and little one. When their body is ready it’s ready!

  • Michelle
    Aug 05

    I am in the same boat with my 3 1/2 year old. She has been completely potty trained during the day for almost a year but she is going to start preschool next month and needs to be potty trained for naps too. We have ditched the diapers for naptime for the last week but she has woken up wet everyday. I’m unsure if she is just not ready or do I keep on trying?