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Potty training book

Has anyone read the oh crap potty training book? If so was it helpful and would you recommend it and if not what other books or tools did you use?

  • Katie
    May 22

    Yes and it was fabulous. My kid was day trained with periodic accidents around 2 years, very little issue. Her big thing is committing to it in a big way, and honestly I think she is right.

  • Anonymous
    May 22

    Love that book!! Also I got it for like 10 bucks on amazon so I wasn’t worried about it breaking the bank if it didn’t work for us

  • PK
    May 22

    It was a great starter book. Helped me mentally prepare and get an idea of how to start and what issues could come up. However not everything worked with my son that the book recommended. We were still able to get him day trained within 4 days. We used the book as a reference and if it didn’t apply for us then we just googled and found answers on other forums.

  • JEaton
    May 23

    I tried to potty train unsuccessfully on my own. Then I got this book to read before I really committed to potty training. I started my son at 23 months and in 2 months we've only had a handful of pee accidents!