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Potty training daycare help


We potty trained our little one over the last 5 days and she was doing very well. No accidents, going to the toilet, etc. She went back to daycare today and when I picked her up she was wearing a diaper. I got upset and asked the teacher but she told me no one knew that she was potty trained (we told the head teacher this morning). What would you do?? Thanks!!!

  • Laura
    Sep 04

    Not a big deal. Now she knows.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 05

    Guess the damage is done, for sure re emphasize to everyone the next morning that you do NOT want her in diapers, and even at pick up. If they continue I’d for real put a sticker on her shirt that says “I’m potty training today!”

  • Vonda
    Sep 06

    It’s ok. Just continue doing what you are doing at home. Next time you take her to daycare. Make sure everyone knows and it is noted somewhere. So if it happens again, you can point that out.

  • Momof1
    Sep 06

    I would just let them know your preferences. I think it’s easy to forget which child has which needs especially if some are potty trained and others are not. Would you be able to take home the diapers you left for her if you bring them yourself?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 12

    Thanks everyone. She had two rocky days and is now fully potty trained, teachers thanked me and said she was definitely ready!