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Potty Training Help!


I have a 3yo boy and we've been potty training for a little now. He wears underwear most of the time and only wears pullups at night. We have gotten to the point where he will try/go to the bathroom when I take him every hour or so (if he actually goes, i reward him). He has never gone #2 in the potty (he will run away and hide and go in his pants) even with bribes of a new toy he wants. But our biggest issue is that he won't tell anyone when he has to go, he will just have accidents in his pants unless you constantly take him to the bathroom andeven then he will still have accidentsin between. Sometimes when he tells me he had an accident he will smile or laugh its funny though i keep reminding him its serious. I'm not sure what I should be doing to curb the accidents, help communicate he needs to go the bathroom.l, or go #2 on the potty. Any suggestions?

  • CJ
    Feb 12

    I’m in the same boat. My kid is almost 4 and could care less. He’s perfectly happy doing his business in his pull ups. I think if he were in school around other kids, he’d feel the social pressure... but maybe not. He’s in daycare with littler kids but their potty training successes are not rubbing off. Ah well. They make adult diapers.

  • Marika
    Feb 12

    Had same issues with my boy...hiding when he had to poop and actually getting very upset if we approached him during the act. What helped him overcome his what I interpreted as "shame", was normalizing pooping, go to the zoo and pointing out how every animal poops and also let him watch us poop to see we all doing it along with the book "everyone" poops.... nothing special we all do it. Sure enough he stopped that behavior and was really happy about himself pooping into the potty....lots of praise of course! No problem anymore.

  • Tiana
    Feb 13

    Take away the diapers. Give him privacy. Don’t hover while you expect him to poop. Don’t ask, but rather tell him, “ it’s time to go potty now” if he has an accident. He must help to clean it up. Not handling poop per se, but loading the poopy pants into and out of the laundry. Wiping the floor. Make it inconvenient for him to keep doing this. 1 time per hour is not frequent enough if he is not connecting the dots. We started with 15 min intervals and moved up to every 25 min.