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Potty training- leaving

So we are starting potty training our 2 year old tomorrow. Just works out we have some time off work and figure now is a good time! However, my son has his 2 year old check up on on Wednesday morning..... we (plan) to do the oh crap method of naked life the first few days. It will be day 4 and I am going back and forth between just trusting the process or putting on a diaper for a few hours 😭

  • Bethany
    Nov 11

    Don’t give up momma! Putting a diaper back on will ruin all the work you did

  • PK
    Nov 11

    Just maybe plan to go potty right when you get to the drs office so that you know they’re good to go at least for the next hour!

  • Anonymous
    Nov 11

    You should have a better idea of how often he had to go by Wednesday, so make sure he goes before leaving the house and when you get to the doctor and when you leave if you need to. And you can hold off on liquids to make sure he is less likely to have an accident. And if you are really nervous put down a pee pad on his carseat. But accidents happen, bring extra clothes. Oh and you can keep a potty in the car.

  • anonymous mom
    Nov 26

    Hey Kendall, how’s it go?? My daughter has had great success with potty training herself and gets very distressed when she has to pee in her pull-up. I think it’s fine to put them in one for public trips, though. That may just be my experience, but there’s nothing more stressful than a toddler urinating in their underwear While strapped in their car seat while you try to rush through traffic to find a parking spot to pull into. Lolol.