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Potty training my 20 month old


My daughter has been showing signs of potty training readiness for a few weeks now. She’s even peed and pooed on the potty a few times. I want to potty train her but am worried since we have an international trip coming up in 3 weeks. We’ll be out for 6 weeks with a few plane trips and road trips. With the jet lag, change in environment and new people around her, I’m worried that if I train her now, the trip will lead to regression. However, I’m also reluctant to ignore the readiness signs and interest that she’s showing. Am confused if I should train her now or wait till after our trip. Advice?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 19, 2019

    Personallllly id wait until after the trip. I’ve gotta think with long flights (those potty’s are Loud and scary) and car rides (no stops in sight!) that you’ll be more stressed about potty than vice versa. I think it would be more of an issue to stop having her potty half way through than waiting and doing the whole shibang at once. I’m not an expert, but that’s my opinion. I don’t see harm in having her use the potty in the meantime, when she wants or when she asks. But I wouldn’t make a full on transition before a big trip.... Have fun 😁