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Potty training my 3 year old

I have a daughter who is 5 and potty training her was so easy but my son is a completely different story. My son just turned 3 in December but I started potty training him when he turned 2 and his daycare was doing it as well when he was there. I am having a lot of trouble with getting him completely used to not peeing or pooping on himself but nothing has worked 100% yet. He tells me sometimes when he needs to pee but its not consistent. Does anybody have any suggestions on what I can try for a daily routine?

  • Toni
    Feb 06

    Boys just take a lot of time and patience. Maybe he isn’t ready yet? My son didn’t completely get trained until closer to 4.

  • Joanna
    Feb 06

    We are in the same shoes. We just trained our 20 months old boy. He took wayyyyy longer time than his elder sister. Well, every kid is unique. Have some faith in them. Believe them and be patient. Just don’t make any big deal when they mess up. Everything will be great.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 06

    Is he in a pull up? If so you need to get rid of them, he needs to know they are no longer an option. If he gets to choose he's going to go with what comfortable and convenient. Maybe take a few days to tell him what day they are being thrown out then have him help you throw them away. Maybe a set timer will help so when it dings he knows to go.

  • Tiana
    Feb 06

    Get the book, “ oh crap! Potty training” take away the diapers and other crutches. Let him feel uncomfortable and wet when he wets himself. It’ll resolve itself quickly.

  • Jessica
    Feb 14

    We used several different books. Had potties tall over the house and a little urinal that made it fun for him. Ultimately it was him who just decided he was ready. Pooping on the potty took forever.