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Potty training nights

Potty training my 2yr. She falls asleep with no dipper on then crys before she has to pee so that I put one on. She doesn't want to physically wake up. Any tricks to phasing out of dippers at night?

  • anonymous mom
    Apr 09

    Can you try putting the potty in her room and sitting her on it when she’s asleep but crying for the diaper?? That’s amazing she’s doing so well with training!! Congratulations!!

  • Stormie
    Apr 09

    Yeah at 15 months we got a little potty and after 2 weeks or so she would like to wake up in the morning and poop and it made me so happy.... then it got cold and she reverted and now we are communicating more but she enjoys the confert of a dipper when she goes #2. she really amazes me!