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Potty training- poop help!!

My kiddo (turning 3 at the end of the month) has been doing great with peeing on the potty. He typically either tells me he has to go or goes to the bathroom and pees independently. Always in underwear except for nap/nighttime. Poop is a whole other issue- he was really constipated a few months back and ever since then won’t initiate poop. I typically sit him down before his nap and before bedtime... any ideas on how to get him to poop independently?! Im at a loss. I feel like he is withholding but then will go no problem once I sit him down. Any advice is appreciated! Also, he can’t seem to stay dry consistently during nap or nighttime. Some mornings he wakes up dry, other mornings his pull-up is wet... potty training has been the hardest part of parenthood so far for me :/

  • Mimi
    Apr 05

    Same here... That and starting daycare at 2.5 years old... Anyways peeing was okay but pooping in the toilet took a while for us too, I read somewhere that they felt like it was part of their body leaving them or something so it scares them. I don't have any advice besides consistently remind him. How long has it been? It took maybe a month for us to get it down. Mine is fully potty trained during the day but we still use a diaper for naps and nighttime. Being potty trained during the day and being physically/mentally ready to hold it while sleeping are two very different things so I'm personally not worried about that just yet.

  • Tiana
    May 31

    Put him in a warm bath. It’s actually a natural strategy to avoid using laxatives, it relaxes the bowels and allows them to come without as much pushing