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Potty Training: Tips & Tricks


Please share success stories, tips, tricks for 20-month old boy! I want to gradually introduce the potty and see if he takes any interest. He's showing signs that he's capable (hiding when he poops, grabbing our hands and leading us to a spot to be changed while pulling at his diaper/shorts, waking up with a barely wet diaper) and I really have no idea where to start! TIA!

  • Sana
    May 29

    As long as he’s showing signs that’s great! Tips: be patient (VERY patient). Teach him using words that he gets used to like, “poop in potty?” Or “need to go?” Use the same words every time so he catches up. Don’t pressure him or yourself, sometimes they’re encouraged and show signs and other times they don’t want to go potty. Always make him feel like he did something amazing when he potties, clap and jump for him, sing songs, give him a sticker. He’ll love being pampered about going potty! Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    May 29

    Check other potty training posts, the most given advice isn't the book Oh Crap: potty training by Jaimie Glowacki. It's NOT a gradual process, but she covers why it shouldn't be.

  • Jamie
    May 29

    My son just potty trained. I didn't stick exactly to the Oh Crap method, but it kept me going when I wanted to quit so I recommend it as well.

  • Cassandra
    May 30

    I have no suggestions. My son is 3 1/2 and uses the potty once or twice a day. He never poops in it and fills his diaper often. I feel like we aren’t even that close. His teachers and pediatrician aren’t worried though. They say he just isn’t there yet. We did get a sticker chart and his loves it. As he fills up the chart, we’ve even bribed him with small toys. That helps but ugh. Good luck!

  • Larry
    May 30

    Stay the course. Be patient. Don’t rush it cause it wont matter. Boys tend to not get it as quickly as girls do. Rewards help move it along and keep it progressing. When it’s time switch to pull ups and don’t go back (with exception of maybe overnight). We did one m&m for each successful poddy (kept in a little glass jar in bathroom as a constant reminder) and that worked well and was probably the last thing we did before he really got it.