Pratt Street Ale House, Baltimore, Maryland

San Francisco, CA

The Pratt Ale House? Yep, kid friendly. Dad friendly too. They have chicken tenders, they have pretzels with cheese sauce, they have really good beer! My favorite was the Three Lions, a hefty darker sort of beer. We hit the place twice. The first time, we received a free coupon for my next beer when we stopped by again. Talk about marketing to your audience. The second visit is always nice, but this one was particularly so. We’d fell into a relaxed groove at our Con. We had a little more time to spend. All of us already knew where the bathrooms were. Seven year-old No. Three and 6 year-old No. Two colored, we chatted, we watched a little football. If you find yourself at the convention center, the Ale House is a valuable resource to get out, and get a break.