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Pregnancy pains...


So this sounds weird... but has anyone had severe groin/pelvic pain while pregnant? I had ligament pain during my first pregnancy (which was pretty painful at times), but this is more severe/sharp.

  • Kate
    Jan 04

    Yes! I’m 37 weeks pregnant with my second and have been dealing with these pains for most of the third trimester. My OB said they’re more common with a second pregnancy (I never had them with my first). They’ve subsided a bit by now, but were really severe just a couple weeks ago.

  • Kieli
    Jan 04

    Yes, there were times in my first pregnancy when I’d be working (I worked retail) and I’d get the sharp/severe pains in the groin need to take a break for a second. I experienced these pains mostly in my third trimester as well

  • Christa
    Jan 04

    Oh my gosh yeah, I had what they call lightening crotch- where pain would start in my pubic bone and shoot up to my belly button. It is normal- later in pregnancy. I also had days where while I was working mainly (I worked as a med tech) and I would get what felt like contractions through my whole belly, and it would literally double me over. I’d end up going home and having to sit in the shower with warm water running on my belly to make the pain relax.

  • Harriet
    Jan 04

    It could be round ligament pain, google it. I had something similar 😊

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 04

    Yes! Lightening crotch is awful, and I think it gets worse with each pregnancy, I’m in first trimester with baby four and I’ve already had a light version of it a few times.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 04

    Wow! Thank you for the responses! I don’t feel so crazy/weak now!

  • Aida
    Jan 05

    Was just about to post this as well. I’m 25wks and for a few weeks now have this pain that is only in my lower abdomen. I know it’s not like regular round ligament pain because I’m familiar with that, this being my second pregnancy, and usually that only lasts a few seconds. But this pain has woken me up from sleep and just hurt so much I start to do deep breathing and lasts a good minute or longer. I don’t feel it in crotch area, so not sure if lightning crotch would apply. Any other experiences??

  • Bri
    Jan 13

    I just started experiencing this a few days ago. Pain inside my upper thighs and pelvic area that it hurts to walk sometimes. I was planning to call my doctor in morning to see if it’s normal. Glad to know I’m not the only one because I never experienced this with my first. I’m 31 weeks.