Pregnant - Baby #2

Just learned I'm pregnant with Baby #2! Haven't seen my OB yet, but I'm curious... when did you start showing with your second? I hear it's a lot earlier than with your first. I'm only 5 weeks or so and am showing a major FOOD baby right now! 😂

  • Kieli
    Jun 10

    Yes I swear I started showing around then too! Lol but really started noticing around 13 weeks. With my first I didn’t start showing until 20

  • K
    Jun 10

    I had expanders on my jeans by 6 wks, but I found out I was pregnant with twins. Still, it’s a lot sooner than the first bc your body knows what’s going on. I hope you have maternity clothes that match the season!!🤞🏽 Congrats!