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Pregnant with second...more anxious than excited.


I’m 10 weeks pregnant with my second child. I’m so, so grateful to be pregnant - although I feel much more nervous than excited right now. Maybe because I know what to expect and it’s gonna be crazy? 😂 Looking for any reassuring experiences that you may have had when you were pregnant with your second?

  • K
    Nov 21

    We planned on trying for our second when our son turned 2. Bam! First try. So, I was kinda anxious bc I thought I’d have a little more time to get used to the idea. Then at our first ultrasound we found out we were having twins. 😳 Sounds crazy, but I let go of all the anxious thoughts bc at that point I either had to embrace the fact that life will be crazy or live unhappy. I looooved my pregnancy. My son was the best and he loved talking to and hugging his sisters. I told him everything that was happening and he was proud to be a big brother. The girls are now 2 and he is turning 5 February. Life is good. Little advice, talk to your little one and include them in some of the changes that are taking place. And most importantly, buy them a toy from their baby sister/brother and give it on the day the baby comes home. R went running into the girls nursery to thank them, will forever be one of my fav moments.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Nov 23

    I was so nervous with my second. I was so excited to have another, and then when I was pregnant I wondered if we made the right choice, how I could love two babies as much as my oldest, how I could handle it all, and if I was taking something away from my oldest. The answers didn’t come until I had my baby. When I wondered out loud about these concerns to my husband, he gave me a logical and straight response “we’re committed. It’ll be fine”. And it was. More than fine. I did manage it, I loved it, I loved them, and I gave my oldest a gift of a sibling. It’ll come with additional challenges but you’ll have no regrets. But it’s ok to be anxious.

  • Anna
    Nov 27

    Honestly, two has been great. My first had a hard transition when the second was born, but it’s really been fine on the whole. They get used to each other. The biggest challenge has been my older one pushing my younger one around. I’m now expecting #3, and terrified about that! But I think everything just ends up eventually falling into a rhythm. You got this!!

  • Melissa
    Dec 06

    Every baby is different so stay positive and embrace motherhood! Your little one is going to love having a sibling. It can be very sad when your child gets to an age and wants a sibling and you can no longer have children ! Congratulations on your blessing!!!!