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Preparing for Daycare


My 28 month old will be going to daycare after being home with me for all his life. I think he will do well but was wondering if anyone had tips for helping him adjust. Also if you have advice for what to look for in a good daycare/early learning center please let me know

  • Jess
    May 17

    My LO stayed home for 3 years as a only child. The struggle I had with putting him in daycare was being around so many children , it can be overwhelming. Does your LO have siblings or did he have lots of time playing with other kids? If yes then your good! If no then you’ll face the trouble I did , also it might be best to try a part time day. I realized early on my son may be to overwhelmed to do full day (7am-2pm) so I enrolled him in part time (7am-10:30am) which gives me time to do errands and him time to be comfortable. Another tip is if you can ask the daycare to volunteer in his class , this way 1 you see how the teachers are and 2 your son doesn’t feel alone. I volunteered for his first week for only a hour a day and soon my son was asking when will I leave like the other mommies. Best of luck to you