Preparing for snow

My daughter will be playing in the snow this winter. She's one (13 months), what should I be buying to keep her warm?

  • B
    Nov 07

    Water proof pants or a full body snow suit. Multiple sets of gloves because they get lost or wet. I also love fleece lined jeans for cold days.

  • Christina
    Nov 07

    Baby bogs. Mittens-way too difficult to get 5 fingers in gloves. Mittens are hard enough. We love urban baby bonnet winter hats (and their summer ones). We did snow pants from a consignment shop and a puffy winter jacket for walking around. No puffy coats in car seats.

  • Brittany
    Nov 09

    Stonz boot covers are amazing, they keep your babies feet dry and warm. Just use some wool socks and put the covers on. They are not fitted, so still allow for healthy feet development. They stay on very well. Also since they aren’t fitted they last several seasons!