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Pressure to leave daycare job


I left a previous job to work at my sons daycare due to work pressure. And now I feel like it’s happening all over again but for more financial reasons. I enjoyed working almost 2yrs but there is no benefits, shift/time changes, or raises. I really like the owner but no body can just call out of work due to sickness because of child/teacher ratios. Even my husband is telling me to leave, simply we can’t afford for me to stay, I’m living paycheck to paycheck. And I’ve been sick for months and I had to get sinus surgery from all the colds. I feel like I left one job to leave another but my previous one actually paid the bills. Right now I’m seeing job openings for entry level manufacturing down the street but have no experience and I’m afraid to leave and the new job not working out. Anyone have been in similar situations? plus it being awkward to bring my 3yr to daycare that I use to work at. I think what’s keeping me back is the children I’ve been caring for, getting to know their parents and my coworkers.

  • Sabrina
    Mar 04, 2019

    I’ve said “bye” to lots of daycare workers and even though I’m sad to see them leave, they always come and visit looking healthier and happier. You could try taking some really great probiotics since our immune system comes from our gut health but you need to put your health first. If something were to happen to Mommy then what? Leave the workplace. You’ll never get this time back with your kids so enjoy them and teach them while they’re young :) I’m so excited for you!!!!! I did the same thing and now I’m doing my dream job from home and I work when I want and no pressure on me so I really can out my kids first. Get on LinkedIn and start connecting with recruiters. My recruiter gets paid from the companies if he finds someone they want to hire so it’s no cost to me plus he coaches me through the entire interview process and tells me exactly what to say to each person. Stress is for the birds. Let someone else do the work for you and you just focus on what really matters :)

  • Anonymous
    Mar 05, 2019

    Sabrina, can I ask what you’re job is? You said you work from home? Yes I sent my resume to the recruiter. I’m just playing the waiting game