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Pro-Tips for a cruise and flight

Going on a one week cruise that will also require a 4 hour flight. My 4yo has never flown or been on a boat, and I"m looking for pro-tips on packing and how to keep him entertained (that does NOT involve giving him a screen and then calling my job done). What do you wish you knew or brought with you? Can toddler take Dramamine?

  • Fafa
    Apr 04

    Take some color books with pencils ( that can be erased in case he decides to draw on the actual plane lol) lots of snacks, books. Make sure you give him plenty of water during the flight. Going up and down as well for his ears. I would bring some candies for him to chew on. I know I gave mine Benadryl once to help him sleep but it did the opposite. He ended up over tired so very agitated.

  • Brie
    Apr 04

    I fly with my kids often, they’re 4 and almost 2. For my 4 yo I brought activity books like Look & Find and Where’s Waldo (yes, that guy is still around) that I could do with him. I pack gobs of snacks in containers for him like popcorn, pretzels, blueberries - basically finger food that would require his attention. Put all the snacks in one big bag so if you get stopped at security you can just pull the one bag out instead of a dozen small ones. Coloring books are fun, so are stickers or markers. Most kid markers wipe off with a baby wipe so throw a few of those in a plastic baggy and you won’t have to worry about leaving a mess. I let him choose a stuffed traveling buddy and a couple of toys like his cars/trains or an action figure for his backpack - I also make a list of what’s in his bag so as I pack/unpack for him I know what to look for or if he’s missing something. I helped him pack his backpack and let him carry it around the house before the trip and he wore it through security too. I don’t know if your son is like mine, but he loooooves being “helpful” and so I always tell him that carrying his own bag, or staying seated on the plane, etc. is so helpful! I would call your pediatrician’s advice line and ask about the Dramamine. They can help with dosage or suggest an alternative. Hope this helps. Traveling with kids can be stressful but it can also be kind of fun because it’s an adventure!

  • Joanna
    Apr 04

    My 4 yo loves activity books, even the academic ones like Brain Quest. Also, games. We use a boogie board to play tic tac toe or hangman. He loves card games like Uno and Go Fish. Stringing Cheerios as a necklace wastes time and makes a good snack. He packs, carries and is responsible for his own backpack. I understand wanting to limit screen time but we download books on the iPad and my 4 yo reads on his own.

  • Marika
    Apr 05

    A small portable night light for sleeping in a unfamiliar place is essential for my LO. We always been travelling via plane, ship etc. since he is a baby now he is almost 4. It is easier than first imagined. But the most useful for us was pack light so I always have 1 hand free (1backpack, 1 suitcase) to hold his hands and also easier managing potty breaks etc. There is plenty of entertainment and even snacks you can get ahold of on the go. Familiar items during travel like a favorite toy we bring too. Then sleeping in unfamiliar places became ones challenging when my LO was 2. We constantly had to leave a light on but sometimes those light available were really bright for me to sleep. So I learned to always bring a portable night light!

  • Anonymous
    Apr 12

    Does he go to school? If so, you can ask his teacher for any suggestions on activities for him to do. My kids teacher made her a travel packet..and its wonderful! If not my kid's favorite has been no mess coloring book. Play Doh. And bring lots of snacks and if you see him touching his ears during the flight at anytime..have him eat the snacks to help with his ears