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Probiotics? 9mo

My 9mo little girl has been taking probiotics once a day in her morning bottle since about 3months of age—we’ve heard there are infinite benefits to this. Currently we use the Mommy’s Bliss ones. I’m curious though, as I’ve heard using the same one for too long basically makes them ineffective? Which ones do you all use/recommend? Have you heard similar things? My LO suffers from some digestion issues so I’m just trying to cover all bases! Thanks :)

  • Tara
    Feb 03

    I’ve used this one for both my babies, and I like it. It’s pricey though for a tiny bottle!

  • Michelle
    Feb 03

    Culturelle is great. We've used for our LO since an infant. He also had digestive issues so we used the "Calm" version of this product.