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Question for tired breastfeeding moms. How do you stay awake after putting your baby to sleep?


Ladies please advice. I am a full time medical student and I still breastfeed my 10month old. When I put her down I need to start studying but I am so tired I fall asleep shortly after. Any tips for staying awake? I can’t drink too much coffee, because my baby still bf during night and I don’t want to keep her up.... how do you stay awake after putting your baby to sleep? 😭

  • Dana
    Jan 23

    Essentially my answer is to sleep. Seriously - if you can, by napping with baby during the day. If you do fall asleep do you then sleep through night? Sometimes I fall asleep with the kiddo(s) bIt wake up like 30min later and can work etc.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 24

    The coffee isn’t going to affect baby like they say, and if you drink it while bfing her, it won’t be in your system until 20-30 minutes after that. I have three kids, and am nursing my 1 yr old. I drink coffee a lot and it doesn’t affect their sleep. Do what you need to do. :)

  • Sara
    Jan 24

    You can drink coffee and breastfeed (I drink 1-2 cups per day and I'm breastfeeding my 8 month old) but also sleep is important and if you're tired that's your body telling you to get rest! I wonder if there are other times you can study or can you get creative and have some study materials on your phone so you can review them WHILE you're breastfeeding? Do you get any other breaks like lunch that you can use to study?

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 24

    So I can’t help but want to validate that sometimes your life is busy and you can’t squeeze in time to sleep more. My sister in law was a pharmacy student and I saw how busy she was. I can only imagine how busy you are as a full time medical student and new mom. I just want you to know that having some coffee instead of napping more is okay. There is an end in sight and you are busting your butt for your family and that is fantastic. You can do it. Hang in there. Soon this will be a prideful accomplishment in your past and it will be worth it.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 24

    Aww, thank you ladies for suggestions and more for the support. I appreciate it ❤️

  • Be
    Jan 24

    My heart just goes out to you. Being a mom and a student plus go girl!

  • Jo
    Jan 28

    It will be easier believe it or not to find a way to study while baby is awake and nap while baby naps. Otherwise the exhaustion will catch up and you won't get productive studying in. Also if you are not completely against using bottles you can have someone else feed your baby for 1 or 2 feeds while you go study or nap to increase your available time. My son was born in medical school so i know what you are going through but believe me when i say you need your sleep. No coffee will replace all the sleep you keep losing. Best of luck, its definitely do-able 😊