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Questions about infant and convertible car seats

Hi everyone - FTM here and a bit overwhelmed thinking about car seat options, so would love some advice! We are looking into infant car seats, and the new Clek Liing is the one that fits best in our (tiny) car. However, it’s insanely expensive and we’re not sure it makes sense to spend that much on something that she may only use for 6 months (possibly up to a year). Our other option is using a hand me down Chico KeyFit 30 for free for 6-9 months and then switching her to a convertible car seat that we love and will be willing to splurge on because it will last longer. Questions: when did you switch from infant to convertible car seats? It sounds like there may be some flexibility where she’s still fit in the infant seat but could also fit into the convertible, but is switching early going to be annoying because then we can’t easily put her in the car seat in a stroller, in Uber’s, on planes, etc? Those of you with convertibles who travel a lot, how do you manage? Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts!

  • Raji
    Dec 27

    We bought Chico KeyFit 30 for our infant baby girl; which she out grew at 10 months. It was easy to install and convenient to carry her around or in the stroller, especially when she was sleeping. I also used it in Uber. There is more space for her in the Graco convertible but it is bulky. As long as the used car seat has not been any collusion I believe it’s safe to use; you can get it checked out. For us, the infant car seat was definitely more convenient other than having to spend money twice.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 27

    We head a Honda fit when my first son was born, we used a Graco carseat. At 7 months he was getting pretty fussy in his seat so we switched to a Graco 65 convertible 3 in 1 seat, and had MORE room between carseat and back of the front seat. By that age I was fine with taking him in and out of his seat, he was so heavy and tall anyways. For most stroller once they are around 6 months you don't need the carseat so it can be ditched. Baby wearing is also an option, which we did and loved. For travel they make luggage bags that you can put the carseat in and roll it around or wear like a back pack. And as far as putting the seat in an Uber, PRACTICE. I am really good at installing seats fast, just know yours, and honestly using the seat belt is so much easier than using the strap it comes with inmo. As far as best carseat to travel with, throw that out to big city mom's. How do they travel? I feel like I've heard of toddler seats that will go into stroller but maybe I'm just dreaming. Another option is to buy 2 seats and designate one for travel because it's going to get banged up more quickly. They make $50ish seats that are light weight and not bulky, but they aren't going to be super comfortable it fancy. But also not a big deal to replace if it gets cracked or lost during travel.

  • Laura
    Dec 27

    Switched to convertible carseat at around a year (kid on the small side). Def don't spend a ton on something that you'll only use for a short time. Look for the Clek Liing used on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace if it fits that much better in your car. About switching early to a more-of-a-hassle convertible, a ~3 month difference isn't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.

  • Destinee
    Dec 28

    We had the Chicco Nextfit 30 and we switched her to the Grace Extend2Fit 3-in-1 at 5 months. She started to hate the infant seat. If I could do it again, I would have skipped the infant seat and went straight to convertible because I baby wear. I basically had her strapped into the Tula for the first six months. I chose the convertible that I did because it’s one of the most compact seats that rear faces the longest, but I originally wanted a different seat. I would try and go to a store that lets you try the seat in your car before you decide.

  • molly
    Dec 29

    My baby was petite so we had him in the infant car seat up until 18 months. Having agonized over similar to you I laugh now because my baby hated the car seat so we didn’t drive much, wore him in a carrier and took the metro. He never slept transitioning from car to stroller and insisted on being out of the seat asap and into our carrier where he would nod off for hours. Go with a hand me down. that way u can always figure out what ur baby likes before u spend. We had two infant seats and learned later that he was ok in his Mesa but hated his nuna. Also he fitted in mesa longer than nuna. not sure why.