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Realistic Ideas for Picky Eater


My 3yr old daughter is SUCH a picky eater. She basically lives off of chicken nuggets and peanut butter. Anybody have any grand ideas on getting a picky kid to try a fruit or veggie. I’ve tried smoothies, I’ve tried hiding them in things ... I am at a loss.

  • Lynn
    Jun 10

    Hungry. Kids won’t starve themselves unless there are other issues. I’d make sure to offer something they like and something “new” and get them very active and hungry afterwards. Have her help with cutting vegetables and talking about how they taste. The help in the kitchen is what worked with my oldest, but now she will only eat raw vegetables. I can’t complain.

  • Marika
    Jun 10

    Helping out in the kitchen as said above and gardening. Seeing the plant grow and harvesting makes my LO excited to taste the veggies/fruits

  • Kristen
    Jun 10

    Can you at least switch to almond butter with no added sugar? So much better for the body than peanut butter. I switched my daughter and she loves it. And it goes great with fruits and veggies (bananas, apples, celery). Good luck!