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Recommendations for CA Fall Clothes for Babies under 1?

I’m a FTM & just moved here in CA last year when I was pregnant so I was feeling warm all throughout fall season & just started to appreciate the cooler weather early winter. It’s my baby’s 1st Fall this year & I’m wondering what should I make him wear around October-November. I noticed a lot of baby clothing stores now are introducing Fleece instead of just Cotton on baby clothes. Should we buy more long sleeve tops or just do layering with light jacket? Also, for sleepwear, are separate pajamas better than one piece PJs or onesies? Btw, baby clothes pic below for reference. Thanks!

  • PK
    Aug 22, 2018

    We prefer the one piece fleece footed pjs for the winter. I would buy a mix of long sleeve and short sleeve tops. Get one light jacket and one thicker jacket.

  • Liz
    Aug 26, 2018

    My 1yo daughter tends to run warm, so I preferred footed long sleeve cotton pjs through the winter. She also wears a Woolino sleep sack which helps her to regulate her body temp irregardless of whether it is warm or cool. As for day time, she wore mostly long sleeve onesies with pants and rarely wore a jacket. The only time she really wore fleece was after a bath or swimming lesson or in the morning on a walk before the day warmed up. Can’t go wrong with a mix of things though!