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Refusing milk


My baby will be 12 months old in 2 weeks. She has been breast fed. She loves solids and eats everything. She loves yogurt and cheese. She refuses all bottles of both breast milk and cows milk. She loves water from a sippy cup. Refuses cows milk or breast milk from a sippy cup. I still breastfeed her in the morning and at night and mid day 4 days a week (when I am off work). I want to stop breastfeeding bc we want to get pregnant. Her one year check up isn’t scheduled for about 4 weeks so I can’t ask her pediatrician yet but I am not sure what to do about this milk problem. I just wish she would drink milk from a cup or bottle! Any suggestions??

  • B
    Dec 12, 2018

    If she’s getting liquids like water and dairy/calcium/fat in other ways, I wouldn’t worry about milk.

  • Marisa
    Dec 12, 2018

    My daughter does something similar. She will not drink milk from a cup w a straw. She considers that her water cup. She will only drink milk from a 360 cup. I will say that I have a ridiculous collection of toddler cups trying to find something she’d like.

  • Lisa
    Dec 12, 2018

    Have you tried slowly transitioning her to the cow milk. I did 1 oz per bottle for the first 4 days then 2 oz for the next 4 days, then 3 oz per bottle for the next 4 and so on. In about a month she will drink milk fine. I’m of course assuming she will drink a bottle of BM. If she will not take any bottles of BM, I suggest cutting her off cold turkey from the breast. Only having dad offer bottles all day, for about a week or 2. After she drinks milk, then switch cold turkey to sippy cups, and I recommend the 360 as well. My kids never liked the spout sippy cups.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 12, 2018

    If she’s getting those same nutrients through other foods and drinks water fine then I think you should begin to wean. My son didn’t really want whole milk from his straw sippy at first but once he realized that’s where the milk was and that’s what he was offered he started drinking it more! Took about a week or so. I started with just only giving him that as a choice so if/when he was thirsty that’s all he was offered. Now I offer both water and milk throughout the day in a sippy

  • 2Boys&aDog
    Dec 13, 2018

    It is very possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding so stay healthy, manage your stress level, pay attention to your body and it should all work out.