Registry must haves for multiples

Working on my registry for my twins! What types of things are a must for multiples??

  • Rob
    Jul 16

    Double stroller and Ergo Baby carrier.

  • Elle
    Jul 17

    Plain, soft Washcloths for multiuse... Bib/wipes/burp clothes/teething -- they are good in a pinch

  • K
    Jul 17

    I couldn’t ave lived without my Breast Friend deluxe. My girls used it for nursing and I was so sad to see it go once I didn’t need it that I still used it as back support😂. You definitely do not need to breastfeed to use this pillow! There are other feeding stations like the Table for Two, which I’ve read people love, but for those late night feedings in the beginning, it is easy to just wrap the pillow around your waist right in bed and toss it when your done. My other must have was the Boppy lounger, has it for my son so I knew I’d use it for the girls. Life saver for the first few months until they start to roll.

  • K
    Jul 17

    Congrats!!! ❤️❤️

  • A
    Jul 18

    Tons of burn clothes and onesies. Also, swings bouncers those sorts of things come in super handy with twins because you can’t always be holding two babies. I never liked the big tandem feeding pillow. We just used 2 boppies.

  • JT
    Jul 21

    First off Congrats! I 2nd the swing/bouncy, breast feeding pillow and/or boppy recommendations. So you have a place to put one (or both) I highly recommend 2 diaper changing pads/stations, especially if you have a multi level home. Or even for bedroom and family room. Saves time to go back and forth for the million diaper changes. Lots and lots of bibs I would NOT recommend spending $ on a white noise machine. Just download an app on an old phone, works just as well and more portable.

  • Melissa
    Jul 21

    If I could go back in time (my twins are 1.5 years old) I wouldn’t buy anything except necessitates and two bobbies. When the girls became old enough then we tried dif seats and activity centers