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Retraining or rehomeing ??

We have an older jack russell who has become become aggressive with our 10 month old baby. They have their moments when they are great together. But lately the dog goes off or snaps at the baby for dropping or reaching out for a toy. That is nowhere near her. The baby knows how to pat her gently. But the aggressive behaviors has me worried that it could become worse. The dog was adopted. She wasn't socialized when she was younger so she can't be around other dogs.. and or some people. I just don't know what to do... she's good with older children for a bit but gets rough with them.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 01

    As hard as it is there will be someone that is able to provide a better environment for your dog. Your baby comes first and I think you are being totally smart about this. Your dog sounds great for an older person with a lot of time and no kids around

  • Amy
    Apr 03

    An immediate step would be strict separation unless you're closely supervising! Your baby is likely crawling and almost walking, so you probably need baby gates around anyway now. The dog might have to become an outside only dog. Probably, with good and consistent training (classes or private or read some books), your dog can be taught to think of the baby as part of the family and stop being aggressive, and as your kid gets older can maybe play with the dog again. But, it'll take a lot of effort and care. The aggression might also be a reaction to losing your attention or exercise (what mama takes as many dog walks? Lol). You could try some things first while enforcing separation to see if your pup is just reacting to the new situation but will relax, or if finding her a new home is a better choice for everyone. And you'd have to be really careful with any visitor or future siblings. And you said your dog is getting older - some dogs get more snappy and irritable as they get old :/