Reward charts: Love 'em or hate 'em:?

How do you feel about reward charts? What do you use them for? Are they working? So my son is two and we just started using them. He seems to love them. He gets so happy when he gets a sticker. He hasn't even gotten to the reward part. So we have a help mama/daddy chart. Which is when he helps with chores. I mean actually help, if I do laundry he puts the clothes in the basket, takes them to the living room, I fold them and he put some of it away. The reward is 10 stickers=$1. I think he might be getting unpaid ;) What do you all think them?

  • Kieli
    May 25

    My daughter loves them too. We started using them for the potty. She gets one sticker, and one M&M. But honestly I think her favorite part is dumping her pee out and flushing lol. But I finally got her to go more than just once or twice with the reward chart

  • Leonnette
    May 29

    So you handmade the charts or purchase in store?

  • Kristen
    May 29

    I hand made them

  • Dorothy
    May 30

    I use an app (ClassDojo) for my 6-year-old. There are different skills that have different point values (bigger skill, more points). And we have a list of rewards that she can “trade” points for. Right now, she’s at about 100 points and is trying to save for a bike which is 500 points. It’s super easy for us because I can always just pull out my phone to give her points and she enjoys working towards the point goals.