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Rubbing eyes/face


My 5 month old has always had the tendency to rub his eyes/face/head when he’s tired and/or waking up. Sometimes he even does it while nursing. I’m curious if it’s normal since he does it so often and i even worry he might hurt himself (this tendency does lead to scratches if I don’t trim his nails often). I just wonder if he will grow out of it or not.

  • Jackie
    Aug 07

    My LO went through this around 7-9 months. She still will rub her eyes now at 13mo but not has hard or as frequently. I think for her it was a way for her to soothe herself.

  • Liza M.
    Aug 07

    I think this is very common. My LO is almost 2 and was born with sucking marks on her hands. Since then for comfort (like when tired or bored or sick or just relaxed) she has sucked her fingers with one hand and with the other either put a finger in her nose or in her ear. I have also found little scratch marks in her ear if her nails are not clipped short. I think lots of children like the sensory input they get from whatever they are doing and it makes them feel safe and relaxed. By all means if you are concerned ask your doc, but I would guess just your LO learning how to sooth himself. 😊

  • Anonymous
    Aug 08

    Its normal..

  • Destin
    Aug 08

    I think most babies do this to some extent. It’s soothing for them. And when they are tired it’s a natural reaction to rub their eyes. Even us adults do that! Lol my 9 month old has been doing that pretty much since she’s been born! I just make sure her nails are trimmed as best as possible, but she still manages to scratch herself every now and then. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It’s normal! 👍